As we work with our clients and their partners to help navigate a safe return to the office, we wanted to share a range of product solutions that can transform your existing focused workspaces with more appropriate physical distance.


WORKSTATION PANELS: Panels offer fundamental delineation and are easy to reconfigure so that users can be properly distanced, staggered or oriented back-to-back. Additionally, greater safety can be achieved by adding glass, lexan polycarbonate, acrylic, or laminate stack-ups, return panels or even doors. Moreover, existing fabric panel inserts can be easily swapped for laminate, steel or bleach-cleanable fabrics.









BENCHING: Benching is a space efficient, flexible platform that is intended to support collaboration among teams as well as individual focused work – but can pose a challenge in a new era of physical distancing. While companies are looking at staggered hours, screens can be added to the center, side or end – clamp-mounted, freestanding, and even pop-up to create privacy within a more condensed space.



TABLES: Freestanding and height-adjustable desks offer the most flexible approach to planning, and support on-the- fly reconfiguration. Independent desks can be open for team work, or can easily be surrounded by screens or floorstanding panels as individual desks or groups of desks.








ENCLOSURES: Vertical space delineation (walls, dividers, freestanding screens, marker boards) can add privacy along a corridor, add separation between teams, or enclose individual workspaces.










The coming months are uncertain, but one thing you can count on is Sheehans is here to help with smart planning and a wide range of product solutions to help you return to a safe and healthy workplace.  Please reach out for a free consultation on how we can help reconfigure your current space to conform to the latest Covid-19 best-practices.