Product Highlight: Workplace Advocate

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WORKPLACE ADVOCATE Making the workplace safe again. We are pleased to be the exclusive New England dealer for FUEGO Furniture’s groundbreaking Workplace Advocate –temperature and cough detection system.   WHAT IT IS - EARLY TEMPERATURE AND COUGH DETECTION & WARNING SYSTEM Create a SAFE office environment for your employees Give employees the CONFIDENCE to come back to work Return to pre Covid PRODUCTIVITY levels Monitor occupancy to OPTIMIZE utilization and safety of space HOW IT WORKS - Hourly Temperature and Continuous Cough Monitoring System for Individual Spaces Monitors employee temperature every hour. Alerts employee/ HR in case of temperature spikes Monitors excessive cough [...]

Spaces that Work: Arrival Back

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[Excerpts from Knoll Design Days 2020 Workplace Planning] Our clients' primary concern for the arrival back in the office is the health and safety of their employees, with considerations around how people enter the office, circulation within the workplace; and new behaviors that need to occur to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for everyone. Organizations are working to balance communicating new policies and procedures with providing their employees the freedom to work safely and maintain the choice and flexibility that we have come to value in the workplace. While a holistic approach is key, furniture plays an important role in a [...]

Spaces that Work: Product Solutions to Help Return to a Healthier Workspace

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As we work with our clients and their partners to help navigate a safe return to the office, we wanted to share a range of product solutions that can transform your existing focused workspaces with more appropriate physical distance.   WORKSTATION PANELS: Panels offer fundamental delineation and are easy to reconfigure so that users can be properly distanced, staggered or oriented back-to-back. Additionally, greater safety can be achieved by adding glass, lexan polycarbonate, acrylic, or laminate stack-ups, return panels or even doors. Moreover, existing fabric panel inserts can be easily swapped for laminate, steel or bleach-cleanable fabrics.               [...]

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