Knoll Workplace Research: Considerations for Returning to a Healthy Workplace

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Help Your Employees Get Back to Work Safely After a major disruption that affects work and life, getting back to the office requires an intentional strategy to assure employees feel they are safe and can remain healthy in their environment. Successful transitions take a holistic approach, addressing health and well-being from a physical, mental, social and emotional perspective. Here are some tips to ease your employees back to the workplace Post-COVID-19 and give them confidence in their work environment. DEVELOP PEOPLE-FOCUSED POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Establish flexible work strategies such as remote work options, alternate shifts, phased return to work Allocate spaces [...]

Spaces that Work: Digging into DIRTT

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You’re interested in DIRTT’s method of pre-fab construction – but how and when do you get started. Building Understanding: DIRTT represents a unique-multi-trade, pre-fab solutions and an entirely different method of construction that affects all aspects of a project including scope, schedule and budget. Think of us as a super-sub who are partners along the way from design development through client move-in. Timing: The earlier the better. The best time for the DIRTT conversation to start is in “Pre-Design;” when construction methods and major systems are being discussed. DIRTT scope and the effect on other trades can be determined at this time. If [...]

Spaces that Work – the ABCs of Acoustics

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For all the benefits: increased collaboration, engagement and knowledge sharing; open offices bring acoustical challenges that can have a profound impact on the productivity, health and wellness and overall effectiveness of employees, a company’s greatest asset. Fortunately, there are numerous acoustic design strategies to create an acoustically balanced environment. Knoll Workplace Research has coined this the ABCs of office acoustics solutions: Absorb, Block, Cover. A - ABSORB: Minimize noise by absorbing sound with the use of porous materials such as suspended ceiling tiles, soft carpet, acoustical wall panels and fabric and draperies. B- BLOCK: Manage noise via sound avoidance through smart space [...]

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