Project Description

Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

Sheehans has been working as an extension of our client’s facilities department for over 20 years providing design, facilities services, warehousing and products to support the corporate campus with over 5,000 employees, the digital lab in Boston, plus regional offices and retail stores across North America.



Reflect corporate values and vision
Support wide range of work styles
Encourage innovation and collaboration at all levels
Create highly flexible (and reusable) spaces
Attract Gen Y and millennial techies
Manage to project and annual budgets
Deliver on aggressive timelines


Dedicated Sheehans team provide the below on projects big and small:

  • Design
  • Planning and programming
  • Project management
  • Warehousing Reconfigurations
  • Installations
  • Day-to-day support


Increased appeal to new and current employees
Underscored client’s commitment to health & wellness
Longstanding partnership is a testament to our service
Track record of delivering on time and on budget
Helped achieve aggressive pricing and service goals
Established and annually updated furniture standards
Flexible furniture and adaptable architecture to give employees choice when it comes to how they work
Bespoke furniture programs

Additional Projects

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