Project Description

Agile Workplace

Today’s work is fundamentally different than it was 20, 10, 5 – even 2 years ago. And the only thing we know for sure – is that it will continue to change. To support our client’s commitment to Agile Work methods in order to maintain a competitive advantage, Sheehans transformed a critical department in a Fortune 500 company into an agile work space with a variety of work settings designed to flex and flow throughout the day. The result for our client: increased productivity, reduced workplace costs, increased space-efficiency and more engagement.



Attract and retain the very best talent
Produce better ideas and products through a collaborative culture
Provide space options that support different work modes and tasks – and can flex at a moment’s notice


Sheehans worked closely with the architect and interior design team to design, specify and install all furniture, ergonomic tools and accessories including:
- Knoll sit stand benching
- Breakout areas
- Meeting rooms
- Quiet zones
- Touchdowns
- Resource areas


Increased communication for project teams
Employees empowered by workplace options
Flexible space solutions


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